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Welcome to the RSOTraining Site!

The RSOTraining site is a test site that is functionally equivalent to RideshareOnline.com and to any other SmartRideshare implementation. The training site provides access to all the features on user and administration side. If you need administrator access, email support@rideshareonline.com so we can help set it up for you. Remember, you canuse the site for:

  •       Get acquainted with carpools, vanpools functionality in the system;
  •       Test logging trips along with various impact metrics and reports;
  •        Configure incentives in a testing environment and learn which options will work for you;
  •        Review workflows of the emergency ride home module;
  •        Preview configured content and make sure it looks good before posting it to your network.
  •  And so much more...

If you need administrator permissions for your test network, contact support@rideshareonline.com.